What BRAG BOX is about......



BRAG BOX is a specialty online directory site that offers members a unique opportunity to showcase their brand, product or service to a diverse and receptive audience.

With a variety of easy to use marketing tools available to you on our BRAG BOX Dashboard you can create professional content quickly and easily to promote your services, advertise specific deals or simply post relevant information about your business or industry.

Seamless integration functionality allows you to further share your content across multiple social media platforms.

BRAG BOX is a visually attractive, feature rich and fully customisable digital billboard that caters to all your online marketing requirements.

Customer Engagement methods include:

  • Special Deals
  • Events
  • Classified Ads
  • Articles
  • Blogs

A fully integrated management and reporting system enables you to track your online traffic and accurately measure return on investment.

We seek to create an interactive on-line community of ‘Braggers’ where we incentivise other BRAG BOX members to share YOUR content with THEIR followers and encourage you to do the same.

Through this collaborative marketing initiative, we strive to generate fresh revenue streams and create unlimited business opportunities for the members.

With regular reviews, blogs and articles from external promotors and influencers we actively drive customers to our site and ensure that BRAG BOX remains current, relevant and above all -  entertaining.

BRAG BOX is designed to increase visibility, help you grow your client base and maximise revenue potential – It is where everyone comes to see and be seen.

Don’t tell the world who you are – SHOUT IT OUT!