Brag Box Sport is thrilled to bring this World Class Sporting
online platform to everyone who is passionate about sport.




We believe the key to Sports Development is

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The Brag Box Sport online platform allows CLUBS, GOVENING BODIES, SCHOOLS,
TEAMS, PLAYERS & SUPPLIERS to showcase themselves and improve communication.

Engage with your own sporting community, teams, players and fans in a variety of ways.
Events / Fixtures / Results / News / Classifieds / Special Offers are all fully
presented with photos, video, descriptions, google maps, link website
and social media accounts, display Facebook feed and even post reviews.

View and manage all your engagement on your user-friendly Dashboard.
We track metrics across the site to see who viewed what, where and when.

Advertise membership fees or promote products.
Post Special Offers and Discounts.
You set the time frame and quantity limits right from your dashboard.

Keep it simple, honest and beneficial to all involved. Make fundraising easy.
Simply encourage your local businesses to promote themselves on Brag Box,
receive 50% of the revenue every month for as long as they are showcased.
Use them to improve your own sporting facility or to buy new equipment.
Donate them to a less fortunate sporting institution or sponsor a fellow sportsman.
Or use them for sports development and help grow sports in South Africa.

iOS and Android App with real time connection, so your content is always
up to date. Convenient feature for those last minute fixture changes.

Packed with features to display an impressive and professional image
while safely storing all your sporting achievements in one secure place.

Share Fixtures, Events or Special offers on Facebook and other social media platforms.

We have made sure that you will be found.
SEO Integrated. Allocate your own keywords for top search results.

We support all sports so get started and build your own community.
Create your own professional bio and stay in touch with your team.








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